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The policy offers premium coverage, including features such as guaranteed replacement cost, open perils contents coverage, and high available water backup limits. The policy also contains optional special endorsements like personal cyber, equipment breakdown, and home-sharing.” With Lunova Insurance Quotes for Openly, Massachusetts’ home owners & first time homebuyers can “enjoy best-in-class pricing, tailored comprehensive coverage, and clear coverage terms, backed by a company you can trust.” – Frequently Asked Questions from Customers at Openly Learn more about “coverage and policy options for Openly Home Insurance in MA” with our Massachusetts-area “Lunova Homeowners Insurance Agents” near you.

Openly offers some unusual coverages for homes with high-value properties.

Openly Home Owners’ Insurance Policies are For: Homeowners with homes over $400,000; Water seepage coverage

Bad for: Homeowners who own less expensive homes. Those who want to purchase coverage online and not with an agent.

Openly is an excellent option for homeowners with higher-end homes as it provides a number of features that other insurers do not. Openly also provides up to $5,000,000 in coverage for your home in the event of a catastrophe.

Openly is not able to provide online price quotes as it only works through agents. Openly may not be the right choice if you have a less expensive home or want to manage your insurance better digitally.

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Openly home insurance: Attractive features for homes with high-value properties

Openly advertises itself as offering coverage for homes valued between $400,000 to $3 million. The company’s home insurance policies provide up to $5,000,000 in coverage to repair or replace your dwelling following an accident.

You will need to submit your information online so that an agent can contact you with a quote. The company offers policies in 11 states and does not offer much information online about its products.

Openly offers home insurance that includes protection against water damage. Policies are also large enough to cover golf carts.

Openly won’t allow you to request a quote online and will instead direct you to a local agent. Openly doesn’t actually underwrite homeowners insurance policies. Rock Ridge Insurance Company does that. Openly does not offer discounts, so it can be difficult to find information on their website.

Bottom line: If you want to insure a home of high value and need uncommon coverages like water seepage protection, Openly is an option. If you don’t have a larger home or need a quick quote online, Openly may not be the right choice.

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Openly offers the standard home insurance coverages but “caters to luxury home owners’, HNWIs/UHNWIs members, and their families for luxury homeowners protection in Massachusetts“. There are a few more notable options that may not be as common. Water seepage coverage is a key option. It protects you in the event that groundwater seepage damages any part of your home.

Openly offers what are known as HO-5 policies. These policies provide greater protections than the standard HO-3 policies. Openly policies cover damage for any event or peril that isn’t specifically excluded by the policy.


Openly Offers Additional Standard Home Coverages that includes:


Openly doesn’t list discounts on its website. You will need to contact an agent at Lunova Insurance to learn more about possible discounts.

Openly Home insurance company’s claims process


There are many ways for policyholders to file claims with Openly.

  1. File an Openly Home Insurance Claim by Online form: Go to Openly’s claims page and fill out the home claim data and information about you and the incident online.
  2. File an Openly Home Insurance Claim by Telephone: Call the claims department at (888-808-4842).
  3. File an Openly Home Insurance Claim by Emailing Claims: You can send them to claims@openly.com

Home insurance complaints and reviews are openly discussed


Openly’s insurance company, “Rock Ridge Insurance Company“, has “an A.M. Best credit rating of A-“. This is a “excellent” rating. Clear Blue Insurance’s subsidiary Rock Ridge should be able pay claims even after a catastrophe.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Rock Ridge has no complaints about its homeowners insurance. Rock Ridge wrote less than one-hundredth percent of the overall market’s premiums last year.

Reviewer Average score: The Score for Rock Ridge (Openly’s Partner)

NAIC 1.00 (lower than better) 0

A.M. Best Letter grade A- (Excellent)

“Openly and Rock Ridge currently in 2022 do not have mobile apps”.

The Better Business Bureau has given “Crawford an A rating”. This rating is a measure of how well the company handles customer complaints.

“Lunova’s Massachusetts OPENLY HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE F.A.Q. Guide”


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What is Openly Insurance?


Openly is a general agent managing customers that connects them with homeowners agents for insurance coverage, typically for homes valued between $425,000-$3 million. Openly uses it’s proprietary home insurance technology, data and cutting edge drone technology to provide customizable coverage.

What type of insurance does Openly offer

Home insurance is not offered openly.

What is the Openly Available Policy in my State?


What states are Openly insurance in? Currently in Q3 2022, Lunova Insurance can help residents in Indiana or Massachusetts with Openly Home Insurance and the company “Openly” is available in Arizona and Illinois as well as  Kentucky, Ohio. Oklahoma. Pennsylvania. Tennessee. Wisconsin. and New Mexico.

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Can I get a quote online?


Openly does not offer online quotes. The company provides only local quotes, however, you can feel free to request a Massachusetts Openly Home Insurance Quote with Lunova Insurance for homes up to $5,000,000. The company can be reached online by providing your information. It will then connect you to an agent that can offer a quote. Openly offers an online quote service.

What is an HO-5 Policy?


An HO-5 policy provides a greater range of coverage than a standard HO-3 policy. The main difference between HO-5 and HO-3 policies is that they exclude more perils or causes of damage from coverage. They also allow for higher personal liability limits.

Lunova’s Openly Home Insurance FAQ


Contact us online today or give us a call and get immediate answers to your Openly Homeowners’ Insurance-related questions with an Openly home insurance agent at Lunova Insurance.

About Openly Insurance


Openly was established in Boston in 2017 by Ty Harris (a former Liberty Mutual executive) and Matt Wielbut (previously of Elements Insurance, Goldman Sachs). Openly & Lunova Homeowners Insurance companies “uses AI” (artificial intelligence) to simplify the process of purchasing & buying of home insurance in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts”. 

The company is a managing agent. This means that it doesn’t write or manage its own policies. Clear Blue Insurance subsidiary Rock Ridge underwrites Openly’s policies, while Crawford manages claims.

The Openly Insurance Headquarters is located at 131 Dartmouth St, in Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, United States. The Openly Insurance Quote Phone Number is (508) 251-7195, the company can be reached directly by telephone at (857) 990-9080 ; Openly Claims Phone: 1-888-808-4842. The Openly Insurance Website is: www.openly.com ; Openly Insurance Revenue: $27 Million.

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