Get Started – Amazon Relay All required insurance policies including: Commercial General Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Auto Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, including a trailer replacement coverage of $50,000. Cargo coverage of least $100,000.
Get started with and obtain a new “Amazon Truck Insurance” policy with Lunova Insurance. Our agents offer Lunova’s MA & CT Commercial Insurance for Amazon Delivery Drivers which includes & provides you with business or general liability, commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, and motor cargo coverage.
  • At the Lunova Insurance agency, you can work with independent agents that can help you and your company “Buy Cheap Commercial Insurance For Amazon Delivery Drivers“. You are able to obtain lower cost coverage options at Lunova Insurance & shop rates while comparing prices. Identify the best insurer with a Lunova Insurance agent today and see your options with top highly-rated National Insurance Providers and “Insurtech Companies” like “NEXT, BiBERK, Arbella, Progressive & Liberty Mutual Insurance” that offer fast, easy, and simple-to-set-up policies

Call 1-774-258-7195 for your free Amazon Truck Insurance  quote.” Learn more and understand the current 2022 “Amazon Flex Delivery Car Insurance Requirements & get personalized rates with your Amazon Flex Delivery Auto Insurance quote with Lunova’s business auto insurance agents.


Lunova Amazon truck driver insurance quotes in ma/ct
Lunova’s Amazon truck driver insurance company (quotes in MA & CT) coverage options are available by calling 1-508-258-7195 or by going online for a “new Amazon truck insurance quote” with Lunova Insurance.


Amazon Owner Operator Insurance Requirements


Learn about “New Amazon Owner Operator Insurance Requirements” for truck drivers working at Amazon with our agency and find low rates today!

We help you search multiple companies like NEXT, BiBERK, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Bold Penguin, & Arbella to find you the best “Amazon truck driver owner operator” insurance policy coverage.

Get a quote online and get started with Lunova “Amazon truck driver owner operator insurance” 2022 or 2023 policy quotes!

Explore all required (“Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program“, “Amazon Flex Driver“, “Amazon Fresh Driver“, & “Seasonal Amazon Delivery Job“) personal or commercial insurance policies that are required in order for you to work with Amazon including Commercial General Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Auto Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, including a trailer replacement coverage of $50,000. Cargo coverage of least $100,000.

Get low-cost options and work with our agents to meet the “New Amazon Owner Operator Insurance Requirements Massachusetts” and also find help meeting “owner operation insurance requirements” in Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, & Indiana.

Quickly & Easily “Meet Amazon’s Requirements for Truck Driver Insurance Coverage” with Lunova Agents for Amazon Truck Drivers Insurance


Did you know that you can find and “Meet Amazon’s Requirements for Truck Driver Insurance Coverage“, “Meet Amazon’s Requirements for Box Trucks“, or “Meet Amazon’s Requirements for Box Truck Drivers” at Lunova Insurance?

At Lunova Insurance, working with one of our local agent to get help finding coverage that will “meet amazon requirements to deliver” with a “box truck” or “deliver van“, FLEX, Freight, or Truck is simple and easy.

Find commercial and small business trucking insurance solutions for your trucking company on our Lunova Commercial insurance quote page.

What are Amazon box truck driver insurance requirements?


Lunova Insurance agents can help you meet box truck insurance requirements to be an Amazon truck driver in 2022.

Our agents will help you understand the “amazon insurance requirements for truck drivers” for your state (IN MA FL CT NC MD).

Do you know what the “Amazon truck driver requirements” are? According to Amazon’s website (for new truck drivers”:

“All required insurance policies including: Commercial General Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate. Auto Liability not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, including a trailer replacement coverage of $50,000. Cargo coverage of least $100,000.” 
At Lunova Insurance, our independent small business & commercial agents can help you find policy and coverage for “New Amazon Truck Driver Insurance” by shopping and comparing “Multiple Business & Commercial Insurance Quotes” to bring you the lowest 2022 & 2023 rates from top-rated insurers like “Liberty Mutual, Arbella, & Progressive“, as well as, highly recommended “new commercial insurance” companies (like NEXT Insurance, BiBERK Insurance, & Bold Penguin) so your IN MA MD CT FL small business can find the insurance that’s easy-to-get, available today, and offering flexible payment Options/Terms for small businesses in Massachusetts(and Indiana, FL, NC, CT, & MD)

Amazon Relay Insurance Requirements (in Massachusetts + Connecticut)


You need to “carry Auto Liabilitynot less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, this includes a “trailer replacement coverage of $50,000” and “Cargo insurance coverage for a minimum of at least $100,000“, you also must have Workers’ Compensation insurance (in all jurisdictions) where your company operates Employer Liability not less than $100,000 per occurrence to drive for “Amazon Relay” according the Amazon Insurance Company informational website.

  1. At Lunova Insurance, you find affordable “new driver and commercial truck insuranceproviders, rates, companies, policies and coverage that meet the “amazon relay insurance requirements“.
  2. Lunova’s cheap commercial auto and general liability policies for Amazon Drivers helps *NEW Connecticut, Massachusetts small business sellers find affordable product liability coverage. while comparing rates, prices, and quotes to help Amazon truck drivers find the lowest price with immediate coverage when you request a Lunova insurance quote online.


Get fast, friendly, and easy-to-understand “Amazon Replay Insurance” with Amazon Relay Insurance Agents at Lunova that can help you find the best price and coverage for your required commercial truck & commercial liability insurance.


Speak with a local agent at Lunova and learn more about The Amazon Relay freight network requires you must meet the following “minimum requirement”:

Lunova’s Amazon Truck Driver Insurance Companies


We can help you find Amazon insurance for truck drivers in Indiana, Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, and Maryland.

Lunova Insurance offers many different providers & companies for Amazon Drivers’ General Liability & Commercial Auto Insurance including:

Frequently Asked Amazon Truck Driver Insurance-Related Questions


Learn about how you can find answers to some of your Amazon truck driver insurance questions at


Below are some common “Lunova” Amazon Truck Driver Insurance-related questions our agents can help you with:


Lunova’s Amazon Truck Driver Insurance by Popular Location


Find low rates for your Amazon trucking company’s business insurance in these popular cities and towns:


Learn more about our agency and coverage options at “Lunova Insurance“.


“TOP 148” Popular Page Topic Search Terms for #Lunova’s New Amazon Truck Driver Insurance:


When it comes to getting set up as an Amazon Relay driver, we get a lot of questions at Lunova Insurance. Our agents can help you when you call our Lunova Amazon Truck Driver Insurance agents for a free insurance quote 1-508-258-7195 identify & meet the requirements to drive for Amazon and can help you with the following topics:


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  63. “Amazon Prime Owner Operator”
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  77. “How to Apply for Amazon Relay”
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  79. “Amazon Owner Operator Program”
  80. “How Much Does Amazon Relay Pay”
  81. “Amazon Box Truck Driver Salary”
  82. “Amazon Truck Driver Hourly Pay”
  83. “Box Truck Insurance for Amazon”
  84. “Trucking Contracts with Amazon”
  85. “Amazon Relay Truck Requirements”
  86. “Amazon Semi Truck Driver Salary”
  87. “Amazon Box Truck Insurance Cost”
  88. “Amazon Delivery Driver Insurance”
  89. “Amazon Relay Driver Requirements”
  90. “Amazon Prime Truck Driver Salary”
  91. “Amazon Truck Driver Requirements”
  92. “Amazon Semi Truck Owner Operator”
  93. “Amazon Flex Commercial Insurance”
  94. “Amazon Relay Carrier Requirements”
  95. “Amazon Relay Rates for Box Trucks”
  96. “Amazon Relay Vehicle Requirements”
  97. “Amazon Requirements for Box Trucks”
  98. “Amazon Truck Contract Requirements”
  99. “Amazon Owner Operator Requirements”
  100. “Amazon Relay Insurance Requirements”
  101. “Amazon Relay Cargo Van Requirements”
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  103. “Amazon Relay Box Truck Requirements”
  104. “Amazon Relay Requirements Cargo Van”
  105. “Amazon Relay Requirements Insurance”
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  107. “Amazon Trucking Jobs Owner Operator”
  108. “Truck Requirements for Amazon Relay”
  109. “Amazon Relay Truck Size Requirements”
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  122. “How Much Can You Make with Amazon Relay”
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  124. “How to Become Owner Operator for Amazon”
  125. “How Much Does Amazon Relay Pay Box Truck”
  126. “Amazon Relay Box Truck Size Requirements”
  127. “Amazon Relay Requirements for Box Trucks”
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  129. “Can You Do Amazon Relay with a Cargo Van”
  130. “How Much Does Amazon Pay Owner Operators”
  131. “How Much Does a Amazon Truck Driver Make”
  132. “How Much Do Amazon Box Truck Drivers Make”
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  135. “What Are the Requirements for Amazon Relay”
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